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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to questions commonly asked of LimNorris Consulting Group:
  1. Q: How and why was LimNorris formed?
    A: Yvonne Norris and Vic Lim met in 1991 at Wharton's Executive MBA Program. While working together on class projects they realized that the output was better together than they could achieve separately. They often approach a problem from two totally different perspectives but reach a similar conclusion. The process of discussing the different perspectives and rationale strengthened the conclusion.

    After we graduated, we decided to form a company so we could continue to work together. Yvonne is a former CIO at Arco Chemical Company who is very experienced at general IS management. Vic is a former program and market manager at Honeywell who is very experienced at project management and strategic planning. We decided to provide management consulting services to information technology departments and companies.

  2. Q: How is LimNorris different from the other management consulting firms?
    We have hands-on management and operational experience. In addition to paper studies, we will also help implement: strategic plans, organization structures, process improvement, and financial metrics.

    We unconditionally guarantee our value. We work to ensure that each of our clients believe that the benefit they received from our work outweighed the cost. We firmly believe in quality and long term client relationships.

    We have both depth and breadth. We have the financial depth to work with CFOs and the technical depth to work with technology engineers. We have the breadth to work with both extremes on the same assignment.

  3. Q: What services does LimNorris provide?
    We believe the typical Chief Information Officer has two major roles. The "external" role works with senior executives to determine how information technology can best help the corporation meet its business objectives. Business acumen, interpersonal communication, marketing, and an understanding of technology are critical. The "internal" role works with Information Systems managers to continually improve the department's productivity and effectiveness. Planning, organization structure, process improvement, budget management, and management coaching skills are critical.

    It is very rare to find a CIO with the time and skills to fill both roles. LimNorris Consulting Group helps the CIO with the "internal" role. Plus, since we are consultants, we are happy to help the CIO in the background and not receive any public acknowledgement or credit.

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